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For 25-2,000 Guests.

Jennifer Oz LeRoy

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If Jennifer Oz LeRoy had merely been one of the only powerhouse women CEOs in the world of hospitality, events and restaurants, it would have been as they say in the old country, dayenu.  But the fact that she was CEO of both Tavern on the Green and the Russian Tea Room at just 22 years-old is not a laurel she rests on. 


It’s not so much what LeRoy does, it’s how she does it. She effortlessly embodies the glamor of a certain era of New York. Yes, she obsesses over every detail and works harder than anyone else in the business, but what really distinguishes LeRoy is that ineffable New York sense. 


It’s a vibe thing, and LeRoy exudes the feeling of a party in full swing. Just meeting her, you get the sense you are being taken behind the velvet ropes: suddenly you are somewhere sought-after, chic, rubbing elbows with the best and the brightest as they enjoy a moment of fun and relaxation. 


Think Truman Capote having lunch at the Plaza with Marilyn Monroe. Michael Jackson dancing with Bianca Jagger at studio 54. John Belushi and Michael Jackson at an SNL afterparty. The allure of glamor and glitterati, the brightest lights of Manhattan in its heady heyday, are more just part of her brand–it’s part of her DNA. 


Raised inside the legendary Dakota–John and Yoko Lennon were neighbors–LeRoy attended Dalton, the prestigious private school on the upper east side, where she was ferried to school each morning in a pink limousine. For LeRoy, the New York fairytale was real. And so was the work ethic she inherited. To this day, regardless of where she goes, she carries two things with her: an unrivaled hustle and the essence of New York City’s heyday as the epicenter of culture. Glamor and storytelling are literally in her blood: her great-grandfather was Warner Brothers’ Harry Warner, and her grandfather was the acclaimed Hollywood producer and director Mervyn LeRoy of “Wizard of Oz” fame. Her father, Warner LeRoy, owned Tavern on the Green and the legendary Manhattan nightspot Maxwell’s Plum, as well as the Great Adventure Theme Parks. Warner boldly invented the fusion of entertainment and food on a grand scale, and today, LeRoy is not only following in those footsteps, but elevating her heritage. 


LeRoy began working in the kitchen of Tavern on The Green when she was 15 years-old, and from the outset, displayed a preternatural interest in problem-solving. She grew up hosting, busing tables and schmoozing guests like Barbara Walters, Andy Warhol, and Whitney Houston beneath gold-leaf ceilings and Baccarat crystal chandeliers. She was 19 years-old when her father bought the iconic Russian Tea Room. With 6 stories and 4 kitchens, it was a beehive of press and celebrities–and at the time, the most expensive restaurant in the world. Four years later, following her father’s death, LeRoy inherited the Russian Tea Room and Tavern on the Green, where she remained as CEO for nearly 10 years, overseeing a staff of 1000.


In 2006, LeRoy bought an 82-acre farm in New York’s Hudson Valley, and with the advent of Oz Farm, combined her love for the restaurant world, events, and hospitality with all things equestrian. While she evolved Oz Farm into a corporate events destination, she simultaneously developed a commanding presence in Wellington, Florida. There, she has become the premiere food and beverage partner of the Wellington International, and continues to cater large scale events at the National Polo Center. She has also reincarnated her father’s legendary upper east side single’s spot, Maxwell’s Plum, putting her own unique twist on the Wellington outpost.


With an expanding international profile, LeRoy’s catering and events clients include a who’s who of celebrities and elite global brands, including F1, the Robb Report, Land Rover, Neiman Marcus, Usher, J Lo, movie openings for the James Bond 007 franchise, Lincoln Center, as well as Presidents and former Presidents of the United States–to name a few.


Meanwhile, LeRoy’s Oz Hospitality is expanding operations overseas, to program hotels, restaurants, nightlife, polo grounds and equestrian facilities. She specializes in staffing, from chefs and kitchen crews and to lodging, hostess, and service staff, being a firm believer that everything in her business boils down to personal attention and a human touch. In every endeavor, LeRoy is distinguished by this boots on the ground mentality: she personally oversees every detail to perfection, and is always the first one in the building and the last to leave. Restaurateur. While she runs a multi-million dollar global business, she won’t hesitate to snake a drain or bus a table. Most importantly, she brings true branding magic to the world of events and hospitality as she continues to find new ways to honor her father’s legacy, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.


CEO. Equestrian. Event Planner. Entrepreneur. Visionary. There are many titles for Jennifer Oz LeRoy, but mere dreamer isn’t one of them. Instead, she’s living the dream with eyes wide open.






Jennifer and her staff handle all events with precision and flare.

Each event presents its unique characteristics and hurdles, what sets a great event apart from an extraordinary day is in the smoothness and details.  This is where Jennifer and her team shine.  Every detail is spec'd  out and handled with a personal touch.

Starting things off Jennifer goes 1 on 1 with her clients for a discovery meeting, honing in on dates, locations, catering, and decorating.

Inspiration is important and Jennifer brings majestic and surreal ideas to the table in each and every meeting.

Entertainment and interactions are important aspects for guests, Jennifer has the connections to bring in the biggest acts and create breath taking moments.

Relationships abundant, Jennifer has worked with the biggest names in the world bringing together chefs, venues, and clients to make your day a true masterpiece from start to finish.










Jennifer Oz LeRoy

Hudson Valley | NYC | International

Tel: text 917.816.4333

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